Business consulting

In the field of business consulting, we offer numerous services in order to optimally set up your company in Brazil.

  • Constitution, closing, dissolution, splitting-up, incorporation of companies.
  • Administration of non-active companies, Holdings or service companies.
  • Legal representation of foreign companies in shareholders assemblies and in other assemblies/meetings. Also legal representation before the Federal Tax Department to take care of the prescriptions as per Instruction Nr. 200 of 09.13.2002 (complemented by the Instruction Nr. IN 312 of 03.28.2003) of the Federal Financial Authority.
  • Elaboration of contracts in general: Contracts of Association; By-Laws, Internal Rules, minutes of shareholders assemblies; contracts of technical services, of sales and purchase; contracts for the use of trademarks; commercial representation contracts; rental contracts; vendors contracts; general commercial conditions (sales/purchase); analysis of contracts and legal expertises.
  • Services in relation to the registration of foreign capital and loans at the Central Bank of Brazil; consulting services in the preparation of documents for profit/dividend transfer; interests on own capital; re-transfer of investments due to reduction of capital or alienation of capital participations; conversion of debts into stock capital and bringing-in of assets for the increase of stock capital.
  • Legal consulting on the area of corporative, commercial, fiscal and labour law; also with regard to the accounting and administration of companies; with regard to registration of trademarks and patents, as well as any other corporative matters which may be of interest to foreign investors.
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