Legal advice

For the below mentioned consulting and lawyer’s services we shall indicate and recommend consulting offices specialized in each area:

  • In the area of labour law, her activities includes the elaboration of lawsuit defenses; objections; contests, participation in legal proceedings. She takes care of everything until the conclusion/solution of lawsuits and labour matters.
  • Legal activities in the area of civil law, in cases of bankrupcies/insolvencies, as well as in cases of contractual divergencies, civil responsibility due to illicit acts; matters of industrial property. Lawsuits involving real estates; competition law; family law including divorce, heritages and deceased´s remains, i.e., all matters inherant to civil law.
  • Assistance in and conduction of lawsuits, from the First Instance up to the High Court until the Supreme High Court.
  • Immediate assistance in labour problems and in administrative matters, such as for example in dismissals due to important reasons; elaboration of warning notices; suspension of workers from the job, etc.
  • Checking and revision of the handling of labour law matters and/or of controversial labour cases in the company; identification of already existing problem cases and of those which may become active in the future.
  • Participation in negotiations in  Unions or Labour Associations; elaboration of administrative defenses and statements of claim; contests against decisions by Labour Authorities.
  • Activity in all matters of the Consumers Defense Code, starting from the formalization of the complaint against the competent Organ, until the defense of the company in Court.
  • Participation in negotiations and setting-up of contracts for the sale and purchase of real estates; rental; leasing; administration; usufruct; common use of land. Participation in matters concerning Shopping Centers, Offices, Hotels, Thematic Parks, virtual Offices; residential condos; partition of land property.
  • Active participation in the regularization of city and rural properties with the competent Organs. Handling of real estate documentation with Public Notaries and Registration Offices in the State of São Paulo.
  • Services in any kind of legal area, by collaboration of other lawyers, who are specialized in the specific areas.
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